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 Interested in meeting other Ridgey enthusiasts?


If you are interested in meeting some of our local Rhodesian Ridgebacks and their owners, why not come along to one of the club organised events. Members at each event will be more than happy to show off their dogs and answer any questions you may have on the breed. A good suggestions from our club is to contact the DOGS SA to obtain dates of upcoming Championship Shows which are held at the Canine Association grounds, conveniently located at Kilburn (10 minutes north of the city). Championship Shows are generally held on every Saturday and Sunday commencing at 9.00am.

Rhodesian Ridgeback Walk
Date: 26 August 11AM

Belair Nation Park:

Distance 4km, accent 76 m,

Parking  inside the Belair national park: $12, entry Upper Sturt road, Belair

meet at Gums oval car park.