Club RR Judges

On this page is a listing of Club members that are also ANKC licensed
judges. We have included the listing to assist interested parties who may be
searching for  judges associated with the Rhodesian Ridgeback breed.

Cheryl Currie
Caprivi Rhodesian Ridgebacks

All Breeds Judge

RR Specialty Appointments:
2008 Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of Finland
2008 Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of WA Inc
2007 Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of QLD Inc
Email contact:

Rosemary Green
Chilolo Rhodesian Ridgebacks (est 1974)


ANKC Championship Licensed for Hounds
ANKC Open Licensed for Toys  (1)
ANKC Open Licensed for Terriers  (2)
ANKC Open Licensed for  Gundogs (3)
ANKC Open Licensed for Working Dogs (5)


RR Specialty Shows judged
September 2008:  RR Club Czech Republic
August 2005:  RR Club Switzerland
August 2005:  RRs at Scottish Kennel Club
May 2005:  RR Club Western Australia
June 2003:  RR Club Queensland
September 2002:  RR Club France
September 2002:  RR Club Netherlands
March 2002:  RR Club Victoria

Easter 2002: Junior Handlers Sydney Royal Easter Show